Padlock-Security, Trigger Lock, Padlock Shackle
Front view of outer steel tube.
1.5" x 2.5" x  5.0"
weight = 3lbs
38.1mm x 63.5mm x 127mm
weight = 1.36kg

Padlock - Security

US patent # 10,955,522- issue date 05-04-2021

I would first like to thank lockpickinglawyer and his
3.70M subscribers, other lock picking sites,
lock pick companies and padlock mfg.. around
this planet for giving me an idea to create what no
one has been able to innovate for hundreds of years. 

A pick proof keyed Padlock - Security. 

For many years lock mfgs. have introduced their new
high security keyed padlocks, only to watch LPL and
others on pick open their keyed padlocks
without a key. 

An easily picked padlock is convenient, inexpensive,
nice to hold and look at but does not
protect your belongings?

A keyed padlock without its key should remain
locked and not easily picked, like duh!

Today is day one of hopefully hundreds of years of
this planet's first pick proof keyed padlock.

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Bottom view of 90 degree key slot
offset to padlock key slot a few
inches or more further up from
bottom edges of outer steel tube.

A hidden from view padlock and key
slot makes for a pick proof padlock.

It might take a minute or two to learn
how to insert your key to unlock but
once locked and without your key
Padlock-Security is pick proof.

Claims include a Neodymium
ring/washer shaped magnet to
attract lock picks or hair pin picking.

01/17/2022 - One has to wonder whose padlocks Union Pacific is using to secure their cargo containers, so I reached out to a dozen cargo container companies to show them my patented pick proof padlock.

01/09/2022 - Some high security padlocks cost five(5) to six(6) times more than my pick proof Padlock Security patent and take LPL a bit more time to pick open but he still opens it without its key. My Padlock Security patent only opens with your key, not an LPL lock picking tools.  Why are you spending money for a padlock LPL picks opens without a key to lock your belongings when you could pay less for my Padlock Security pick proof keyed padlock!  And maybe some day soon my Padlock Security pick proof padlock will be available in black, polished stainless steel or like.

01/04/2022 - Padlock Security 2 continuation-in-part pick proof patent application using a chain or heavy cable in a very unique way has been "allowed for issuance as a patent" and it has a 2022 look to it.

01/04/2022 - Eight(8) months since issue of my Padlock Security patent converting all easily picked keyed padlocks to pick proof.  One lock company well known for its easily picked open keyed padlocks rejected my patent after 5 months because it did not meet their needs. 
It appears lock companies prefer watching their new and improved high security stronger keyed padlocks easily picked open in seconds watching LPL on youtube.  Or could it be an easily picked open keyed padlock requires less effort to be removed should key be lost!   Pity their customers having purchased a useless piece of steel having two keys to protect what they thought would be protected.  And for those asking what easily picked keyed padlock did I use?  It was from a local hardware retail chain store selling all easily picked keyed padlocks because they don't sell pick proof keyed padlocks.

Note:  Lock Manufacturers around this world are having their new promoted keyed high security padlocks picked open in seconds by LPL and viewed by LPL's 3.70 million subscribers for years now.  Each of their high security keyed padlocks use same ancient rotating cylinder pin technology that does not prevent a lock picker from using lock picking tools to open a keyed padlocks without a key in seconds.   In coming months their will be many new keyed high security padlocks LPL will easily pick open in less time than it took me to write this sentence. Better to have a keyed padlock using my Padlock-Security patents to keep a padlock locked, than to secure valuables using an easily picked high "security" keyed padlock having absolutely no protection against being picked open in seconds.

12/22/2021 - Bloomberg Businessweek - The Lock-Picker, the Lockmaker, and the Odyssey to Expose a Major Security Flaw

11/05/2021 - LockPickingLawyer - Snapping Open Locks With a Bent Bicycle Spoke

11/02/2021 - LockPickingLawyer -  "Not a Lock” vs. 10/10 Rated Master Lock

10/16/2021 - To my followers in China.  I will offer a small reward if you send me a link to any company selling their version or copy of my US Patent Padlock-Security in China.  I will keep you and your reply totally confidential.  Thanks.

Think about a celebrity endorsement by LockPickingLawyer in an advertising/marketing campaign promoting your keyed padlocks surrounded by my pick proof Padlock-Security patent.  Your company and others have been coming out with worthless improvements these past 173 years having absolutely nothing to do with making a keyed cylindrical pin tumbler padlock more difficult for LPL to easily pick open in 2021 as it would have been in 1848.

08/25/2021 - There is another way to configure a keyed U-Lock Bike lock and it is patent pending and pick proof.

07/20/2021 - 45 Best of Home Depot lock pick sets in 2021: According to Experts.

07/14/2021 - Tedium article written by Ernie Smith about true meaning of lock security.

05/21/2021 - An iOS or Windows laptop lock having a skinny security cable, epoxy glued on lock base or a security slot are very easy to pick open.  There is a 2021 easier and more improved method to quickly lock an open laptop or lift a closed screen laptop lid using Laptop-Security and it is pick proof.  
If current laptop locks are so secure ask yourself how come they are not used with a shackle to make keyed padlocks?

05/04/2021 - My US patent # 10,995,522 Padlock Security, thanks to lockpickinglawyer on, and lots of other lock pickers on their sites describe how easily it is to pick open a keyed padlock without your key.  Search for your keyed padlock brand name on lock picking sites and watch how easily it is picked open.  Any keyed padlock you purchased on line from Amazon or locally from Lowe's, Home Depot, Target or Walmart is not going to secure your belongings against a lock picker.  Your belongings could be gone or looked through without you even knowing. And yes, without your key! 

GMC 2020 Sierra video commercial could read, "The pick proof keyed padlock to end all easily picked keyed padlocks."

Many insurance companies will deny claims for stolen property when locks are picked if there is no sign of forced entry.  Since lock picking runs afoul of the intended purpose of a keyed padlock there is now my Padlock Security invention to thwart lock picking.

Prior to above my simple "U" shaped padlock shackle inspired me to invent a shackle more resistant to cutting, thicker and horizontally configured.  Then got idea to use my patented stronger padlock with a Trigger Lock making a gun less susceptible to theft or accidental discharge.  I received my Trigger Lock patent. 

My patented Trigger Lock is customized to fit your trigger guard not any trigger guard as others do.  Below padlocks and computer locks  I thought when locked would stay locked without a key, do not. 

Big mistake after stumbling upon lockpickinglawyer site July 2019 and realizing keyed padlocks are not meant to stay locked.  

Lock companies selling trigger locks are misleading consumers and governmental organizations using padlocks by not having a Prop. 65 or like warning label saying on each padlock stating, "This padlock is a toy, keep away from children 6 years or older!"

Link to Pittsburgh Action News 07/15/2019 "Investigation finds some trigger locks easy to pick.  One was picked by a 6-year-old."  Watch video very instructive.

Link to Undark 09/27/2019 "But many storage boxes and safety devices are trivial to overcome."

Link to Good Gifts For Kids 01/24/2020 Lock pick sets for kids.  A preschooler having watched a parent use a screw driver can easily open a trigger lock.  Trigger locks are given away free because they are basically junk.

It is only a matter of time before some legal mind seeks liability damages from owner of a known easily picked keyed padlock sold by a lock company, local gun store, department store, online or offered free from a Safety Giveaway Group not having done fact checking or due diligence on how easy it is to pick currently sold trigger locks or keyed padlocks. 

Link to Kickstarter 02/18/2020 Professional Practice Tools Lock Set: 5 Training Padlocks and 20 Tools with Led Flashlight. Hooks, Rakes, Tension Wrenches and Holder.

The key to a successful hunting trip Observer 09/03/2020 a screwdriver.

Do an Amazon search for Magical Kronos Electric Lock Pick Gun should you misplace your padlock key!

Link to Lockzy 09/14/2020 for when you misplace your key or need access to lock you do not have permission to open.

Not-A-Lock looks like a high security keyed padlock however it opens without a key as quickly as most well known high security keyed padlocks can be picked opened.

I am looking for a padlock manufacturer in Baidu, Beijing, Fujian, Foshan, Fuzhou, Hongkou, Korea, Putian, Tel Aviv, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shijiazhuang, Surabaye, Xinzhou or Zhejiang to make a couple dozen or more Padlock-Security locks without a padlock.  I will give dimensions of padlock to fit and it will be same size in each. 
And don't miss owning exclusive US license rights in exchange for sharing some world rights with me to easily block/stop lock picking by lockpickinglawyer and their followers from picking open a keyed padlock without a key. 

See more at
or Twitter @securityanchor

Next few pictures show my US Patent#8,720,097 Trigger Lock. This is not a Trigger Lock like those sold in market stores or given away free to fit any Trigger Guard as if all Trigger Guards are alike.  Some of these free or cheap Trigger Locks can be easily hacked, picked or removed by a six year old using a very simple to construct modified screw driver. 
A Trigger Lock can save a life.  Extra cash in your pocket is extra cash in you pocket!  A small additional cost for a custom made Trigger Lock and pick proof padlock requiring your key to open will make you and your gun happier.  Spending less than $25.00 to maybe save a life is not! 
1 - US patent 9,603,446 Security Anchor locking to firearm cover with a sheet of copy paper using my US patent 8,640,507 Horizontal 
		Shackle For Lock System and Method using a chain
1 - US patent #9,603,446 & #9,816,296 Security Anchor locking to Colt 45 using my US Patent #8,720,097 Trigger lock and my US patent #8,640,507 Horizontal Shackle For Lock System and Method using a chain. See on Youtube
3 - US patent 9,603,446 Security Anchor locking to a firearm using my US patent 8,640,507 Horizontal 
		Shackle For Lock System and Method using my US patent 8,640,510 Interface Member For 
		Lock System and Method and a Clicksafe or like.
2 - US patent #9,603,446 & #9,816,296 Security Anchor secured to a Colt 45 using my US Patent #8,720,097 and my US patent #8,640,507 Horizontal Shackle For Lock System and Method with my US Patent #8,640,511 Low Profile Lock Interface System and Method and a Clicksafe though could be a Microsaver, Nanosaver or a padlock.

2 - US patent 9,603,446 
		Security Anchor locking to Colt .45 using my US patent 8,640,507 Horizontal Shackle For Lock System and Method and my US Patent 8,640,511 Low Profile Lock Interface System and Method
		and a Clicksafe though could be a Microsaver, Nanosaver or a padlock.
3 - US patent #9,603,446 & #9,816,296 Security Anchor locking to a Colt 45 using my US patent #8,726,703 Low Profile Lock Interface System and Method with US Patent #8,720,097 Trigger lock using a cable locking device or like.
  4 - US patent 9,603,446 Security Anchor 
		secured to my US patent 8,646,294 Securement Locking Device secured to 
		my laptop using my US patent 8,640,510 Interface Member For 
		Lock System and Method and a Clicksafe or like
           4- US patent #9,603,446 & #9,816,296 Security Anchor secured to my US     patent #8,646,294 Securement Locking Device   secured to my laptop using my US patent #8,726,703 Low Profile Lock Interface System and Method and a Clicksafe
or like.

5 -
5 - Easily secure Ruger .357 Magnum using laptop computer
lock using US patent#8,720,097 Trigger Lock.
  20 -
6 - Easily secure Ruger .357 Magnum using keyed padlock, cable or chain using US patent#8,720,097 Trigger Lock

7 -
7 - Easily secure Colt 45 using combination padlock with  cable
or chain using US patent#8,720,097 Trigger Lock

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